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SUBJECT LINE: [Insert Your Boss’ Name Here], I’d like your help to join The Sales House.

Hi [Insert Your Boss’ Name Here],

To achieve my career goals in sales I believe that I have to become smarter in every way about how to sell. As much as I learn from our training, I need more.

The folks over at The Sales House are offering 100s of hours of sales education content that’s designed for sales people just like me. The Sales House is run by Andy Paul. He’s the sales guru that all the other sales gurus follow.

What appeals to me about The Sales House is that it isn’t a one-time course. It’s ongoing in-depth education with a huge range of content about all aspects of sales that is constantly being refreshed. Plus, I believe that joining their private Community, and learning from other members who’ve handled the same challenges I face, will help me discover valuable new ways to sell our product..

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in The Sales House:

* 400+ hours of on-demand education via video-based instruction, step-by-step checklists, workshops, interviews with top sales leaders , and so much more!
* Two LIVE online workshops every month (taught by world-class experts)
* Weekly office hours where I can get my questions answered directly by Andy.
* A private Facebook group, staffed by Andy and team, where I can track the latest teachings and get more questions answered

Here’s the investment breakdown: Membership is less than $1.00 a day. If The Sales House helps me close only one additional order this year, then my membership in The Sales House will pay for itself several times over.

I believe that this is a great win-win opportunity for you and me. First, it’s an easy low-risk investment for the company to make in me and my professional development. And, second, it will empower me to accelerate my sales learning curve and my productivity. With your permission, I’d like to register for membership.

We need to decide by this Friday before the price goes up.

Thanks for considering it.
[Insert Your Name Here]

P.S. There’s a quick overview here: