Are you confidently incompetent?

Friday, June 14, 2019

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Good morning!

Are you confident or over-confident?

If you aren’t performing up to your potential, one culprit probably is over-confidence.

If you think you know everything, then It’s impossible to accurately assess what (and how) you need to improve,.

This close-mindedness leads to a condition I call Confident Incompetence.

Having a case of Confident Incompetence doesn’t mean you can’t sell. Or manage.

It’s just that your competence isn’t aligned with your confidence.

In other words, you’ve stopped learning. And, created a huge barrier to your success.

How do you overcome your Confident Incompetence and become Consciously Competent?

Start with a little humility.

Next, combine your humility with a dose of “I don’t think I know this. However, I’m sure I can learn how to figure it out” confidence.

Then write out a plan to fill in these knowledge gaps.

That’s why I created the Sales Growth Planner. It’s a planning, tracking and accountability tool for the continuous learner.

Build your plan. Record what you’re learning. Track your results.

Even after four decades, I don’t pretend that I know everything about sales. I try to stay open-minded and actively learn something new about selling every single day.

I read a lot. I listen to podcasts. I watch videos. I interview sales experts for my podcast.

Every day I set aside time to learn. Even though I’m running a growing small business.

And, I keep notes of what I’ve learned so I can easily retrieve the information.

You can do this too.