Do you remember what a keystone is?

Monday, May 13, 2019

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The keystone is that top-most piece of stone or brick wedged into the top of a masonry arch.

An arch cannot stand without the keystone. The last piece added in the construction of an arch, the keystone locks the bricks or stones into place and enables them to bear weight. It transforms the pieces into something greater.

In his seminal book on habits, The Power of Habit, the author, Charles Duhigg, identified “keystone habits” as those habits that have a similar transformative impact on organizations and individuals.

What’s your keystone selling habit?

It’s the one that energizes all of your selling actions. And sales outcomes.

Your keystone selling habit is the one that your buyers will remember when they are considering the reasons to do business with you.

What’s the one selling habit on which your sales process is built? And, without which, it would crumble into pieces?

My keystone selling habit is responsiveness.

Responsiveness in sales is not about being fast. It means to deliver the value the buyer needs to move closer to making their decision with speed.

One reason responsiveness makes a great keystone selling habit is that it is not dependent on any other factor or person. You can be as responsive as you want to be.

Responsiveness is also a clear competitive differentiator. I’ve won hundreds of millions of dollars worth of orders, from companies big and small, in large measure due to my responsiveness.

What’s your keystone selling habit?