Empty sales touches are costing you $$$

Monday, August 19, 2019

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Had a great birthday weekend in San Francisco.

It was capped off by seeing a very cool Avett Brothers concert at The Greek Theater in Berkeley.

Ok, now let’s get to it…

B2B buyers want to make purchase decisions faster.

Up to 40% faster according to one study.

So, what’s holding them back?

Empty, valueless sales touches that don’t help the buyer progress toward making a purchase decision.

So, take a second here and estimate how many positive sales touches you have with your buyer in a typical sales process.

Include only the value-delivering sales touches that result in the buyer being closer to making a decision. Don’t count all the valueless one-sided “touching base” emails and “checking in” voice mails that you send to a buyer.

What’s your number of positive sales touches per opportunity?

The number will vary by the nature of the product and service being sold.

However, in general, the answer is “not many.”

Let’s estimate that your typical sales cycle has five positive value-delivering sales touches with your buyer.

If you waste just one of those touches by being unprepared to help the buyer make progress, then you’ll have thrown away 20% of the opportunities you have to deliver value to your prospect.

This opens the door to your competition to deliver value when you didn’t.

Remember, each time you interact with a buyer they make an investment of their limited time in you.

Logically, they expect to receive something of value in return for that investment.

In other words, buyers expect an ROI on the time they invest in you.

If you train a prospect, through empty sales touches, to expect to receive little or no value from you, then you can expect to receive no more of their time in order to sell to them.

When this happens, you will find yourself fighting for second place.


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