“Everyone was cured except those who died”

Monday, September 9, 2019

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Good morning!

It’s another great week in store for everyone. Remember: every new day is another opportunity to succeed.

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Aelius Galenus

Galen (or Aelius Galenus as he was known to friends and family) was a renowned physician of Greek origin during the times of the Roman Empire (around 150 A.D.)

He possessed what could be described as an overdeveloped sense of confidence about the effectiveness of the remedies he developed and prescribed to patients. He wrote:

“All who drink of this treatment recover in a short time, except those whom it does not help, who all die. It is obvious, therefore, that it fails only in incurable cases.”

You gotta to love his logic. Everyone was cured except those who died. And they were going to die anyway.

I hear this same sense of blind confidence from many sales leaders about their sales processes.

“Our sales process is bulletproof and it absolutely works. Except when it doesn’t. And, when that happens, it’s not because our process is flawed. It’s the fault of those “B” or “C” salespeople who were going to fail anyway.”

Sound familiar to any of you?