EXPLAINED: Stop making sales complex

Monday, July 22, 2019

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Hey there!

Holy Moley (as Victoria loves to say) it was hot this weekend. I’m writing this at 5pm on Sunday in NYC and it’s still 97 degrees out there. One more degree and we’d have a ‘90s boy band.

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I’m proud to share that my podcast, Accelerate! with Andy Paul, was just recognized as one of the Ultimate Business Podcasts for 2019.

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EXPLAINED: Stop making sales complex

Here’s an example.

I receive questions from sellers all the time about how best to connect and build rapport with buyers.

I turn the question around and ask “Did you ever learn how to make a new friend?”

I’m sure that you know how to make friends. (You do, don’t you?)

Then you know how to connect with a new potential buyer.

Your job in sales is simply to help another human(s) make a purchase decision.

Now, to do that you have to build some level of personal connection and rapport with one or more decision makers.

Which means that when you meet a potential prospect, don’t automatically default to the “salesy” version of you.

That’s rarely a good look for you.

Instead ask yourself what you would do if you’d just met that person in a social setting.

Let’s say you were introduced at a birthday party that your kids were both invited to.

(I’m going to assume that you didn’t role-play “effective opening lines for making new friends” a few dozen times with your significant other before you went to the party…)

Okay, so imagine that you met someone interesting at the party and you think you could become friends.

What do you do next?

Enroll them in an automated 5-email sequence to get them into your Friend Funnel?

Go for the close?

Actually, I don’t have to tell you what to do.

You already know. You’ve probably done it hundreds of times in your life before you got into sales.

Try that.

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