My Top 5 Podcast Episodes

Friday, May 31, 2019

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Yesterday I published episode 711 of my top-rated sales podcast, Accelerate! with Andy Paul.

There was something about that number, 711, that triggered me to look back at the interviews I’ve published over the past 12 months. It was a great year.

Today I’m sharing with you the 5 most popular episodes on Accelerate since June 1, 2018. (Popularity is measured by downloads.) You’ll definitely want to listen to these episodes.

1. Episode 695: The Best Time To Sell, with Dan Pink.

Many of you are familiar with Dan Pink from his best-selling book, To Sell is Human. In this episode, Dan and I talk about some of the key findings from his latest book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. As it turns out, timing is everything in life. We each have our own biological “chronotype,” meaning that we are more, or less, effective performing certain types of work at certain times of the day. Dan gets into the details and shares some thought-provoking examples all what it all means for you.

2. Episode 671: Don’t Just Read; Study To Get Smarter, with Harvey MacKay.

Harvey is the author of multiple New York Times #1 bestsellers, including one of my all-time favorites: Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive. I still remember the first time I read Swim with the Sharks and to this day I still practice some of the key lessons I learned from that book (about building relationships, preparation and deep (deep) discovery.) Harvey is 87 but he’s still devoting time everyday to learning. In our conversations, he shares that he works with 20 different personal coaches to help him master new fields. How old are you and what are you doing to get better?

3. Episode 688: Objective-Based Selling, with Tibor Shanto.

I always learning something new when I talk with my friend, Tibor Shanto. In this episode Tibor shares his approach to what he calls objective-based selling. It’s about how to engage with new prospects based on their goals, not on their pain points. This is an illuminating conversation, not the least of which is that I think Tibor is right on the money with his objective-based selling approach. I’ve been using something similar throughout my sales career. I’ve never had a customer make a purchase decision to put a band-aid on pain points. As Tibor shares buyers invest to achieve certain goals and outcomes. If you sell to the enterprise, you’ll definitely want to listen to this one.

4.Episode 700: Increase Your Growth IQ, with Tiffani Bova.

Tiffani Bova is Growth & Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce and author of Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business. In our conversation she shares many key examples from her book about the patterns of behavior that high-performing companies exhibit. In our conversation Tiffani talks about how growth is never the result of just one thing. Growth requires stepping out of your comfort zone in multiple dimensions.

5. Episode 701: What Can You Learn From The Best Salespeople? With Paul Cherry.

Paul Cherry, author of the book, The Ultimate Sales Pro: What the Best Salespeople Do Differently, joined me for the second time on this episode of #Accelerate! Paul wrote this book to help salespeople accelerate their development and growth. He interviewed over 1,000 sellers to reach his conclusions about what the top sellers do to succeed. In our conversation, we dig into the key takeaways from Paul’s book. There are a ton of practical lessons in this episode for you to apply to your selling.