Self ownership is the first step to success

Friday, August 2, 2019

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Good day!

I’m sharing a powerful quote I from something I recently read.

“Real power is self-ownership — uncomplaining, unwhining pleasure in self-fashioning and rejecting victimhood.”

That’s a gem from an article in the Washington Post by Sally Jenkins. She was writing about the US Women’s Soccer Team in the recent World Cup. And how they collectively, and individually, withstood the significant pressures and toxic forces around them to develop a culture of excellence in the team that led to winning successive World Championships.

I think there is a ton of truth in that message for sellers, too.

In sales, you have a choice.

You can buy into the toxic group-think BS about sales being “so hard these days.”

You can complain about no one answering your calls. And the difficulty of selling the value of your expensive product.

You can whine about not getting enough training or mentoring to help you grow as a seller and a person.

OR, you can cut the crap and take charge of your own actions.

You can invest your personal time, effort and money to learn the essential skills and habits that will enable you to take ownership of your success.

You can develop the discipline of working harder to put yourself into more sales situations. To gain the variety of hard-earned, hard won experience that will prepare you for the next step(s) in your career.

You want to develop the power to take charge of your destiny?

The choice is yours.

Play the victim.

Or, take self-ownership of the hard work required to become the best version of you.

I know who I want to work with.

The Sales House is for those with a vision of what they want to be.

And are ready to work hard to grab it.

The Sales House is not for whiners.

If you’re ready to invest yourself in your goals and ambitions, then I’m ready to help you.

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