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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

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Too busy to read? Here’s the takeaway: A greater fraction of your sales time must be spent working on winning the opportunities you have versus generating new opportunities. Learn to optimize your time by getting a copy of my Sales Growth Planner™.


Good day!

A greater fraction of your sales time must be spent working on winning the opportunities you have versus generating new opportunities.

I know.

This runs against the current tide of fever dreams about endless prospecting preached by many.

Here’s the deal.

Until you can consistently maintain your win rate at 50% or higher, you must invest more of your time learning and practicing what it takes to win (instead of filling your pipeline with more deals you’ll invariably lose.)

As a simple rule of thumb, if your win rate is 30%, you should be spending 70% of your time working to win your existing qualified opportunities. If it’s 40%, then 60%. 50%-50%. And so on.

That doesn’t mean spending all that sales time calling and emailing your buyers.

It means investing your time learning how to become savagely good at the middle of the funnel activities where selling, and winning, actually take place.

Things like building relationships, activating interest, fostering trust, effective discovery, needs analysis, qualification, disqualification, demonstrating, story telling, presenting.

You know. The activities that actually deliver value to your buyers and influence their decisions.

Invest your time to learn how to sell.

If you need help, get help.

Demand coaching. If your boss won’t do it, hire a coach.

Learn more about your customers. Learn more about your product.

Read a sales book. Listen to a sales podcast. Take a class.

If your win rate is persistently low, then your primary problem isn’t that you don’t have enough prospects.

Develop your essential sales skills.

Do them savagely well.

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