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Monday, June 24, 2019

Save to My Library

Let’s start the week with a little lunacy.

“The hardest part of a deal is finding one.”

Said no winning seller ever.

I came across that quote on the website of a sales solution company.

The statement itself is a logical fallacy.

If the easiest parts of your deal were the actual selling steps (vs finding a prospect), such as:

– connecting/relationship building with the buyer
– activating her/his interest
– discovery
– building trust
– delivering value
– needs analysis
– mutual account planning
– account mapping
– qualification
– consensus building
– demo
– trial/proof of concept
– proposal
– and so on…

Then, what you’d be saying is…your product sells itself.

And, if that were true, if your product was truly that valuable that it sold itself, then finding new prospects for it would be a breeze.

I sometimes catch hints of this “the hardest part is finding lead” attitude from sellers with limited experience (to put it nicely.)

Or from sellers who think it’s enough to just be in the game. I mean if you’re just going through the sales motions then perhaps getting a new lead is the hard part.

But B2B is not like youth rec soccer. There aren’t participation trophies.

And, we keep score.

Don’t kid yourself. Wake up to reality.

The hardest part of any competitive deal is doing the difficult, detailed work required to win it.

If you believe “the hardest part of a deal is finding one,” then it’s time to get real about your selling.

Stop going through the motions and then wonder why you’re not hitting your numbers or making enough money.

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– Andy