The BIG problem in sales

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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Good morning!

Well, sort of a good morning. Just getting off the red-eye from Seattle to NYC and I’m still thinking about that donut I had yesterday…

…if you look close enough you can see the Space Needle in the distance!


We have a BIG problem in sales

Sellers don’t understand what their job is.

This is not a new problem. But, based on my many recent conversations with sellers, the level of confusion seems to be on the rise.

Most sellers think their job is to convince their prospects to buy their product or service.

Others think their job is to follow a prescribed sales process. And hit their activity metrics.

Let me try to clear up some of the confusion. Very simply, sellers have one job. Ready?

Your job, simply, is to help your buyers make a purchase decision.

That’s it.

Every sales action you take with a buyer must help move them closer to making a purchase decision. If not, why are you doing it?

At each stage of your sales process (discovery, demo, needs analysis, qualification, etc.) your focus has to be on what the buyer needs from you; not what you need from them.

Sometimes they’ll need your questions; other times your insights, your vision, your data, your stories, and more.

You can’t sell on auto-pilot, churning through a rigid sales process with scripted questions and answers, and hope to be a top performer.

Selling is a deliberate act. To do your job well requires intent.

And, a complete focus on helping your buyers achieve their goals.

– Andy