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Monday, July 29, 2019

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Too lazy to read? Here’s the highlight: 90% of getting the right answer is asking the right question. That’s all you get today. You gotta read this one to the very end…


Good day!

Last Wednesday I gave you some solid summer sales advice on asking questions.

Here’s another tip for you about asking questions.

The late American author, Ursula K. Le Guin wrote “There are no right answers to the wrong questions.”

I agree. Just as there are no right answers to questions that are never asked.

It’s been said that 90% of getting the right answer is asking the right question.

I’m going to modify that statement to make it more precisely applicable to sellers.

100% of getting the right answer is asking the right follow-up question.

Yes, sellers all have their lists of prepared discovery questions. They’ve each been asked a million times.

Assuming that the seller has done a decent job of building some early rapport with the buyer, then those scripted questions will earn you about 90% of the discovery info you need.

However, it’s that missing 10% that makes all the difference.

That’s where you really learn what’s driving the buying decision. That’s where you learn whether you have a truly qualified prospect.

Great follow-up questions uncover where the gold is buried. In other words, they can put you on the winning path because you’re persisting and digging.

The vast majority sellers I’ve listened to on recorded calls hurry through discovery. (Perhaps to avoid being asked a question by the buyer…)

In their rush, sellers close themselves off to possibility of asking the great follow-up question. And, fail to open the door to that deep-dive discovery discussion that differentiates them from competitors.

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