The Rule of Exhausting Repetition

Thursday, April 4, 2019

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Good Morning!

Any Warriors fans out there? Excuse me if I yawn too much today. I stayed up late (on the East Coast) to watch the Dubs send a message to the Nuggets. I think it was received.


Self-Serving Plug of the Day: We’re #1

Yesterday SkillsLab published their report on the 15 Best Sales Podcasts.

I’m honored that they selected Accelerate! for their list. (Normally Accelerate shows up first on most “best sales podcast” rankings because they’re listed in alphabetical order. Not this time! Take the win when you can…)


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Sales Growth Quote of the Day:

“The man who is too old to learn was probably always too old to learn.”

– Henry S Haskins


Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself

Here’s the latest in my series of Observed Truth of Sales.

I’ve collected these patterns (and quirks) of situational behavior of sellers and buyers over the course of a long and successful sales career.

They are not science. There’s been no rigorous quantitative or academic analysis of these observations. (Which means they have as much validity as 95% of what passes for research and data into sales these days.)

Today I’m sharing The Rule of Exhausting Repetition

The rule states that your odds of winning an order decrease in proportion to the number of times you make your prospect tell you their story.

An inescapable fact of selling is the inelasticity of the time available to your prospects and customers to perform their jobs. Which includes making time to buy from you.

And, yet, how many times have you seen a seller bring their manager into a call to help them with an opportunity and the first thing the manager does is ask the buyer to tell him/her about their (choose one:)?

a. Pain points

b. Requirements

c. Goals

d. Objectives

e. Budget

f. Timeframe

And this whole scenario can be played out several times if the seller subsequently involves their Director, VP, CRO or CEO in the deal.

Does your buyer have time for this? Uh…no. It’s exhausting for them.

Here is a simple metric you should use to determine if you are frittering away the prospect’s time (and with it the order they would give you.) How many times have you made your prospect tell you their story?

Keep in mind that your prospect’s primary objective is quickly gather the information they need to make a good purchase decision with the smallest investment of their time and effort possible.

If, every time you involve a higher-up manager in a sales call they ask the buyer to start at the beginning again, you’ve got a problem.

One one hand, that’s telling your prospect that your managers don’t trust your version of their story. Is that a message you want to send to your buyer?

On the other, this behavior tells the prospect that your managers couldn’t be bothered to prepare for the meeting (let’s say by reading the notes about the opportunity in your CRM system.)

Forcing your buyers to repeat their story to multiple people from the same company wastes time that they could be spending on other productive activities.

And, can lead them to wonder whether their experience working with your company would be positive.

A few tips to prevent this needless repetition from happening.



a. If you’re going to bring a manager into an opportunity be sure that there’s a cogent summary of the buyer’s story in your CRM system for your managers to read before the call. (Or send it in an email if your higher-ups are CRM averse.)

b. Be sure your manager is fully briefed on the buyer’s story at least an hour before the call. Ask if they have any questions about the buyer’s requirements.

c. Be sure the manager understands the agenda for the call and the role you need them to play in order to achieve your desired outcome.



a. Prepare for all calls beforehand. You don’t expect your sellers to wing it. Why should you?

b. Don’t act like you need to be the smartest person in the room. Go with the play that’s been called.


Exhausted prospects rarely turn into paying customers.


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