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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Too lazy to read? Here is the highlight: Your win rate is your most relevant sales metric if your goals are to succeed and make more money. Click here to maximize your win rate by joining my sales training WINNING program.


Hey there!

A few weeks ago a “sales expert” sounded off on LinkedIn about various sales metrics.

In particular, this person claimed that “win rate” was a BS metric. And, furthermore, the only measure that really mattered was how much commission you (the seller) made.

Yikes! Talk about magical thinking.Friends, the sales metric with the most direct correlation to your success as a seller is, in fact, your win rate.

And, if you win a greater fraction of your well-qualified opportunities, that directly translates into more dollars flowing into your bank account.

I’m not sure how that aforementioned expert managed to miss this connection between winning and $$.

Win more = more $$.

Look, there are a number of essential skills, behaviors and strategies in the middle of the funnel (discovery, needs analysis, qualification, disqualification, etc.) that have a bigger impact on your win rate than any other part of your sales process.

You need to be very proficient at these.

So, you have to invest your time to learn how to be more effective in front of the customer (i.e., learning how to win), in those middle of the funnel steps.

Otherwise, you’re going to lose more often than you win. And, in the process, you’ll leave a boatload of money on the table for your competitors to steal from you.

“Andy, so how do I increase my win rate?”

I wish I could tell you there was a golden buzzer I could push that would magically make that happen. Kind of like this…

Unfortunately, there isn’t one.

There are no hacks or shortcuts to learn how to consistently win a higher fraction of your opportunities.

However, there are certain skills, behaviors and strategies you can incorporate into your selling that will enable you to win more.

If you want to win more, much more, enroll today in my sales training WINNING program and I’ll teach you exactly how using an unmatched combination of specialized courses, weekly sales coaching, and daily community support.

The only caveat is that it’s not enough to “learn” these skills and behaviors and strategies.

You have to work at them.

You have to practice them.

You have to become proficient at them.

Only then you can master them.

Ready to win more? Click here to take the first step on that journey.


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