Your win rate is one of your two most important personal sales metrics.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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What percentage of your most qualified prospects do you convert into paying customers?

Win rates are not a terribly useful team metric because there is no collective activity you can undertake to improve it.

A team win rate is just an average. And averages are not reliable measures of performance across a diverse group of sellers.

Individual contributors have win rates. Improvement has to come at the IC level.

Recently, some sales pundits have tried to make the argument that win rates don’t matter. That the only thing that matters is the size of your commission.

Which is just nonsense.

First, every one of you has a win rate. You should know what it is at all times.

It’s a relevant indicator of how effective you are at each step of personal sales process.

Second, your win rate is the buyer’s ultimate referendum on your ability to add value to their buying journey.

In general, customers won’t buy from a channel that adds cost but no value.

Third, and most importantly, if you’re hitting 100% of your OTE, and your win rate is 35% or less, then you’re leaving a ton of commission dollars on the table. (And, if you’re not at 100% OTE, then win rate is everything.)

Want to make more money? Do the hard work to improve your win rate.

You can be satisfied with your low win rate if you think you’re earning enough commission.

However, sellers who aren’t satisfied will be out there winning your deals and kicking your butt around the block.