Andy Paul, CEO of The Sales House, and Joe Caprio, VP of Sales at, will share how you can re-structure your sales conversations around specific pipeline stages to drive shorter sales cycles.

Streamline Your Pipeline With Conversational Intelligence

Pipeline Analytics

How to assess a broken, leaky, and incomplete pipeline.

Here's What You'll Take Away from the Session

Get introduced to new tools that help you measure conversation analytics.

Conversation Analytics

Coaching Cadence

Specific steps you can take to improve coaching activity.

Examples of real pipelines, real changes, and real outcomes to improve effectiveness.

Pipeline Assessment

If You Answer "Yes" to Any of these Questions, Then This Webinar Is for You

Does your pipeline represent an outdated view of your sale process?

Does your pipeline need to represent a more realistic view of the buying process?

Are you considering a more bottoms-up approach to real time pipeline notifications?

Are you considering ways to align conversation analytics with pipeline analytics?

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Your Host

Andy Paul


Andy has sold everything from women’s shoes to complex satellite communication systems, closing over a billion dollars worth of products and services selling to companies ranging from small businesses to some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Since founding his consultancy in 2000, he has been on a mission to educate sales leaders and sales professionals about the power of continuous education to transform how they perform.

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